The Money Mastery Matrix | For Life

The Money Mastery Matrix | For Life



 KICKS OFF JAN 3, 2020 


It's the trip of a lifetime! 


The Money Mastery Matrix is a revolutionary approach to mastering money. It's the future of finance, only... in the here and now.


A unique online group coaching experience, complete with automated daily drills and video tutorials, a 90-page companion workbook, and LIVE weekly coaching calls. It literally takes your relationship with money into the quantum-sphere.


If you're looking to reinvent your financial future, stop! This is the paradigm-shifter you're after.


Week 1: Money Management

Let’s get crystal clear here on how much money you really need to be bringing home. This is the week we tally up the true costs of your spending (including debt repayment), saving, investing and sharing (including taxes) needs. A little number I like to call… the Magic Number.


Week 2: Money Mindset

Buckle in, it's going to be quite the ride. We’re going to uncover the programming (developed and inherited) that’s holding you back from your magic number. It’s time to unleash your inner Warrior, Creator and Magician. 


Week 3: Money Motive

Snap out of it! Time to stop living in the past. This is the week you’re getting into alignment with your financial future. What’s the emotional reward for achieving your Magic Number? The answer is the key to unlocking your Matrix.


I'll meet you in the Matrix!



Taunya Woods Richardson 

Creator, The Money Mastery Matrix 



Wait... what's up? Why are you still here? What's holding you back? I'd like to know.


Price? The Matrix has resulted in millions of dollars being earned, saved, shared and invested by those who have completed the 21 day program. The return on investment is a no brainer.


Results? Worried you're not going to see the Return On Investment? No results... full refund! Simply show us you've done the work, and seriously, if you're not feeling the ROI, we'll refund 100% of the price, minus transaction/shipping fees.


Time? You know you can do better.  You can always make time for what's important. But hey, know that you have lifetime access to the Matrix. No need to rush to get in all in. Lifetime access to the Locker Room (check), Equipment Room (check), Community and Content (check). Done. Done. and Done.


Next. Bring it? 😊


I see you in the Matrix?


Still not sure? Just reach out. I’m a call/text away. Seriously 306-713-8321. I’ll be waiting.


  • Packed Into Your 21 Day Journey...

    • 21 Daily Drills: Detailed in your Training Manual
    • 21 Daily Video Tutorials walking you through the exercise of the day, step-by-step.
    • 8 Live Weekly Group Coaching Sessions answering your questions and working through the Matrix.
    • 90 Page Training Manual Workbook
    • 24+ Bonus Round Exercises and Resources
    • 4 Stocked Financial Templates: The Monthly Budget, Growing Worth Template, Nest Egg Calculator, Get Out of Debt in 36 Month Plan
    • 1 Online Community Group
    • 1 Money Type Report
    • 1 Matrix Map
    • 1 Matrix Movie Template
    • 1 Starter Pack: The Matrix Navigation System
    • 1 Year subscription into the Matrix Masters’ Circle
    • Lifetime Access to the Locker Room and Equipment Rooms