What a year! Crazy, calamitous, crystallizing 2020


It goes without saying, we’re in a period of great change. I, too, have experienced a roller coaster of emotions these past months. But as the dust begins to settle, the shock begins to ease, and my energy comes back into balance, I remind myself it’s how I choose to perceive the current situation that defines my financial outlook

It’s how I choose to perceive the current situation that defines my financial outlook.

This has been a busy month for the Money Mastery Matrix and our growing team. For those of you who know me, you know being vulnerable and building a team has, up until now, been one of my greatest opportunities for growth. 😊

I’m proud to say I’ve seized the opportunity by embracing the support of a social media team, led by Logan Henderson and Andrew Mays at Morpheus Interactive. They took a risk on me and have shown me the power of reaching out directly via channels like LinkedIn and Instagram. Closer to home, our members and I have been gifted an incredible connector and communicator, Karry Ann Nunn. She is the heart and the glue to our Matrix Mastermind groups and Facebook family. I am so incredibly grateful for her willingness to embark on this journey with me.

I’ve experienced so many extraordinary and truly magnificent moments over the past 6 months, including being introduced to Debbie Calladine, the inspiration behind the Matrix Mastermind. The insightful brilliance being shared In the Matrix with the likes of Blair Lukan, Ron Robichaud, Jill Sauter, Marty Park, and so many other generous souls all listed below. And of course, the crowning moment of the week, the year, heck maybe the decade, to learn that Lorie Klein, a Matrix member who’s become a cherished friend, nominated me for the ABEX Community Support Award. My heart was truly overcome with appreciation and so many more crazy, wonderful, powerful feelings. There’s a story behind the emotions, there always is, but I’ll save that for another day. I promise.😊

This past month, I’ve been working hard behind the scenes, where I tend to thrive, to show up powerfully for you now, even through the summer months, and yes, through a pandemic. I’m excited to share with you...

... On July 8, 2020, “Profit Powerfully in the Matrix” is taking off! This online, group coaching program is specifically designed to help business owners build people, planet, purpose and profit, into a 4-P thriving bottom line, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

... I’ve also officially released the free Matrix Navigation System. It’s a framework designed for those who have completed the Matrix program and are now eager to maintain their momentum and master the magnificence of money. The system combines a self-directed financial charting journal combined with weekly (Tuesdays at 12PM CST) peer-accountability and support calls.

It’s been an incredible six months, to say the least. I’m so appreciative for you all and so excited to see what the next six will bring.

I've never been prouder to be #Canadian. Happy Canada Day, Friends.

With love and appreciation,


Please be sure to tap into the genius of our In the Matrix guests. Each and everyone of these brilliant human beings took a precious hour of their time to share with us their insights so as to help protect us financially, emotionally and mentally in a time of crisis. Thank you Sherry Crawford, Laurie Renton and Rob McDill, Tessa Burns, Katherine Strutt, Laura Lawrence, Corliss Rassyle, Kari Dunlop, Audrey Veltri, Lyn McGauhey, Jolene Watson and Julie Skoff.

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