This morning, as I got out of bed, the first message I read was from my beautiful cousin, Gillian Clare, who shared with me this profound insight. It was shared with her, yesterday, by her professor who was inspired by indigenous wisdom. Please share it forward if it resonates with you.

The Teachings of the Bear:

When a bear goes into hibernation, they do it for the health of their community and themselves.

In the winter, food is scarce. Hibernating allows other animals to have access to limited resources. It slows the spread of disease during a season when immune systems are lowered, and energy is limited.

It is also a time of conserving health for the bear. As it is, a time of reflection, for us. It is a time that allows the bear to renew, and to undergo change in honor of it’s place in life and food cycles. It is not a time for anxiety.

When it's time for hibernation, a bear will finally relax. The stress of foraging for food, provisions, and territory disappears. The bear believes they have done enough and trust in themselves. They know this process is necessary. And when the time comes, they will emerge renewed and refreshed.

Be the bear. Stay at home. Rest. Know you are doing this for something greater than yourself.

Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay #FinanciallyFierce.

With love and compassion,


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