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It’s not business as usual these days, is it? Understatement of the year.

For those of you who know me, you know I love strategy, maybe a little too much? However, I do know that creating awareness of your products and services will require more strategy now, than ever before.

Listen in as Jill Sauter, strategic marketer and communications expert, takes us through a framework to help us effectively connect and communicate with our clients through Covid.

  • Understanding and empathizing with our target audience

  • Effectively communicating to build trust and strengthen relationships

  • Acclimatizing to economic uncertainly and adjusting our pricing strategy as necessary

  • And finally, how all of this information (audience, message and price) influences future marketing efforts and gains the attention of prospective new clients

Jill is available to take your calls and answer your marketing questions at:

Please, if you know of other business owners who would benefit from feeling connected and gaining a different perspective on their situation, I encourage you to forward this information on. What they choose to do with it, is up to them. But knowing you care enough to send it, could make the difference in their outlook.

Stay Safe. Stay Strong. Stay #FinanciallyFierce.


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Product-Market Expansion Grid type of tool could help generate ideas for entrepreneurs.

Our office called to ask clients 'how are you' - it was so appreciated by our clients. It provided a lot of relief for them to share with us. Thanks to our staff member Teresa who fielded a lot of these calls, with a ton of empathy and understanding. This is GREAT! Excellent advice and great sharing as always Jill! Thanks for putting this together and I hope you do more!!

I’ll clarify my comment regarding the ‘empty’ question ….. I LOVE connection & authenticity, so don’t say ‘How are you?’ … say ‘ How do you FEEL this will affect your business & how does that possible impact make you feel ‘personally’ ? …. GREAT human-connection dialogue! I NEEDED this. I think it's important to "cut through the noise" of those bulk style emails or posts Jill, talk about adding value instead of cutting prices There are realities to moving inventory after 6 weeks. There will be a need for competitors to move due to operational costs. It will be demanded by consumers in some ways. Be consistent in your brand promise - don't de-value yourself. Depends on the business ….. time will tell which markets will return to normal & which we require or react with permanent behavioural change…. We own an oil change shop, we are still open, so we are going to offer this weekend to pick up food bank donations from people if they message us and leave them on their door steps. Vickie this is a good point. Strategy is involved - need to move the inventory if it's perishable/time sensitive. Rant away! Preach it!!! Good idea to spend time on updating financials right now - will be necessary to make decisions especially now. ... Saying thanks for supporting us. Thanks for helping us pay our staff? Chamber in Weyburn is holding regular Think Tanks where entrepreneurs come together to share ideas. Connect with peers (even a small group) to bounce ideas around is a great idea. Better yet show on facebook what you can offer

Thank you Jill and Taunya -appreciate both of your expertise and wisdom and I will definitely refer and try to use your services in the near future. Your recordings and that checklist are also on our provincial resource site

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