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Life Purpose. It's a weighted concept. And one that can change and grow over time.

As we experience more of life's journey, we may begin to feel unsettled, as though something may be missing. A calling? A mission? A Purpose? And start to search for what that may be.

It's natural to want to live a life of value and purpose. But many of us are unclear on what that may be and how to find it, let alone, achieve it.

  • We disconnect from it, bogging ourselves down in "working hard" and "staying afloat"

  • We stay confined in the security of comfort

  • Or we lack belief in our ability to find and create it

Join me in the Matrix with Corliss Rassyle, an incredible woman who's taking the country by storm with her book, podcasts, classes, and her mission for helping women, for showing us, how to take back our power and live to our fullest potential, with purpose.

“Living a life with purpose begins with deciding who you want to be. Leading a life with purpose means acting upon it." Corliss Rassyle

Connect with Corliss at

Lead Your Life: How to live with Purpose, Passion and Confidence by Corliss Rassyle

Who Will Cry When You Die by Robin Sharma

Dear Basketball, Animated Short by Kobe Bryant (I mistakenly referenced The Basketball Diaries, obviously a HUGE mistake on my part. Dear Basketball is a powerful love story in sharp contrast to the message of the "Diaries").

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