Let's not go back to business as usual.

We were financially vulnerable and compromised long before Covid hit. Two weeks in, we experienced just how financially fragile we were. Covid did not create our financial vulnerability, but it did expose it. I suspect, in hindsight, 2020 will teach us a great deal about building financially viable business models.

2008 showed us the significance and relevance of small business on the economy as a whole. We came to understand that despite being "small" our collective impact was fierce. We make up 98% of the Canadian business landscape. Investing in our scalability added diversity and depth to the Canadian economic ecosystem.

However, 2020 will serve to teach us the value of sustainability. It's not enough to get by day-to-day. It's not enough to break-even in business. Scaling and growing businesses, reaching new heights without a safety net, without being tethered, compromises the entire ecosystem. We need to ensure that every business, both large and small, is financially secure. Just as we advocate for households having accessible cash (aka savings) in the event of an emergency, the same should be true for business.

Let's remind ourselves, we're built for this. Adversity runs rich in our blood. Let's champion our courageous spirit, our ferocity, and emerge to build bolder and stronger businesses that reinvent and redefine what it means to be a Canadian business owner.

We're in this together!

If you're a champion of Canadian entrepreneurship and are looking for support in helping your business community, reach out. We have tools and resource ready NOW to help business owners rebuild.

If you're an entrepreneur looking for help, reach out and grab hold. I can help you access the people, tools and resources local and relevant to you and where you're at. Let me help you find your anchors through this storm.

Text me at (306) 713.8321

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