Your Matrix journey doesn’t come to an end once you finish the program. On the contrary, it’s only just getting started.

Our weekly calls are open to Matrix Members who are looking for support and accountability when it comes to bringing their Matrix Map to life. This is your plan – you chart your course. But know you don’t need to make the journey on your own.

Our Maintaining Momentum calls are:

  • Open to the Matrix Members

  • Held every Tuesday at 12 noon (CST) via Zoom

  • Confidential and not recorded

  • Safe and judgement-free zone

  • Available for you to jump on as your schedule allows

  • Are peer-led and facilitated

Our time together provides each members an opportunity to check in on:

  • What we’re in the process of creating (clarity of goal)

  • The actions being taken or blocks being encountered

  • Our thoughts and emotional alignment

Our call next week, July 7th, will give each of us the opportunity to unveil:

  • Where we plan to be by the end of the year [financially, emotionally, materially… as you see it]

  • What we’d like to have accomplished for the month of July

  • And what our desired emotional state is… Our WHY!

All Matrix Navigation System Planning Pages can be found in the Matrix Academy. I'd love to get your take on them. Put them to good use and let me know what shows up for you.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Matrix.


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