Resolve to Seek the Magnificence In All Things

Epifany's 2020 Intention Journal

In the words of the great Nina Simone, "It's a brand new dawn. A brand new day. A brand new life. For me. And I'm feeling good."

As one decade closes, we have a unique and precious opportunity to set ourselves up with powerful intention for the decade ahead.

  • Recognize: Take the time to sit in silence and look at the decade past. Note the events worth celebrating, mourning, learning from, and documenting. Use them to gain perspective. In doing so, you may see each year, each moment, was pivotal in the making of who you are today and the relationship you've created with money.

  • Reflect: Can you see the pattern of your choices, of your decisions, woven into the tapestry of your past? The themes and repeated outcomes attached to your experience? Did any situations or emotions mirror your childhood experience? What accomplishments, acts of courage, generosity, forgiveness did you experience? What did you resist? What did you attract? Consider looking back with expectant eyes for little miracles that may have been scattered along the way.

  • Releasing: Making room for new attitudes, beliefs and behaviours, requires you to let go of those that no longer serve you? What are you prepared to release? Who do you need to forgive? What do you need to forgive yourself for?

  • Reframe: Dare to dream. Money is no object. In 2030 where are you, literally and figuratively? What does your life now look like? A life lived by the person who’s learned the lessons, stopped the destructive habits and is living their truest, most passionate self. What does your daily routine look like? Who are you celebrating your life with? How do you nurture your self? How are you of service to others? What impact are you making on the world around you?

I invite you to explore these questions and your responses to them using the 2020 Intention Journal. My gift to you, attached here. No stings attached.

Here's to creating a magnificent decade ahead.

With sincerest appreciation,


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