Stop Trying So Hard

Guess what? “Trying” isn’t pretty, nor is it making your goals happen faster. In fact, “trying” may be preventing your goals from happening at all.

“Trying” is simply a method your subconscious uses to appease your logical brain into "thinking" it’s doing the work.

Like a hamster, you're running ragged on the wheel, putting in the effort, but not going anywhere.

Tell me, where are you “trying” too hard? Where are you stuck?

  • Trying to get out of debt?

  • Trying to grow the business?

  • Trying to save?


Get off the "wheel" and gain traction in three simple steps:

  1. Instead of keeping “busy” on irrelevant tasks, pick just one or two priorities that will propel you forward. You know the ones They’re the actions you’ve been procrastinating on. DON’T RUN THE WHEEL. PLACE THE BRICKS!

  2. Take action on your top priorities, first thing in the morning. This is when your logical and creative brain are at their strongest.

  3. Take the Money Type Quiz. Listen, f you’re looking to make impactful, lasting change in your life, uncovering the programming sabotaging your success is a priority.

Lastly, relax.

You've got this, and I've got you. You're covered.

Now, are you ready to become #FinanciallyFierce?

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