#MoneyHack No. 21 | Be Generous

#MoneyHack No. 21: Be Generous! Of time, money, and spirit. I felt shame this morning. Yes… that’s right. For those Matrix Masters out there, it was a glitch in my Matrix to be sure. Got to get that monkey off the bus!

It was -17° here in Saskatoon and I just picked up my morning cup of java. On my way into the shop, a homeless man had asked me if I had any spare change. As I quite literally walked in with only a Toonie, I replied that I would on my way out.

I purchased my medium, double-cream coffee, and stayed true to my word. As I exited, I gave him the change I had received. I'm embarrassed to tell you it was a quarter. &*^% (no judgement right?)

For those of you who know me and my work, you'll know there are a number of "things" going on with this scenario that need my attention. But here's what got me to stop and take note of my actions.

As I entered my car, the driver beside me got out of his and walked up to the homeless man, and planted a $5 dollar bill in his hand.

Not only did he give the man money, but he stopped and spent time with him. Asking him how he was holding up in the cold. If his coat and gloves were keeping him warm. All done out of friendship and kindness not of superiority or pity.

It was beautiful to behold. Sometimes words can have as much power, if not more, that money. It was one of many lessons this morning.

As I sat there, and watched this interaction of compassion unfold before me, I was reminded that generosity is about more than unconsciously giving of your spare change. It’s about sharing the precious minutes of your day, and the kindness and empathy in your heart, with those who need it most.

Perhaps, being present is the best gift we can give.

#Generosity #MoneyMindset #MoneyMotive #Sharing

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