#MoneyHack No. 26 | Magic Number

Creating the number 5

#MoneyHack No. 26: Yesterday, our first group of Matrix Warriors, successfully completed their 21 Day #MoneyMasteryMatrix Challenge. They’ve emerged victorious; Masters of their Matrix. Yes!!!

The irony... is that they possessed the power to transform their financial future all along. We all do. We just don’t know how to master it.

Don’t believe me? Try this money hack out for yourself.

Pick a number. Any number from 0 to 9.

“5” is my go to.

Now, sit with the thought of this number and make it your intention to draw this number into your life. Don’t focus on HOW it will show up. Just know it WILL show up.

Now, watch with amazement as it appears in your day-to-day affairs with growing frequency.

See!? It’s you who possesses the power to create your reality. It always has been.

Just look around you. Your relationships, your business your bank account, your debt, your income... you created it all. But for most of you, it wasn't intentional creation. Instead you were using unconscious programming to create your situations, and perhaps, not happy with the results.

Now that you know better, it’s time to do better. Go create your magic number.

#MoneyMotive #MoneyMasteryMatrix #MoneyMindset

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