Remember Her?

Inspired by an Instagram post last week; a little girl playing with a water sprinkler, having the time of her life.

The caption suggested we all have that inner-child in us, who longs to have fun and experience the joy and wonder in the simplest of things.

And of course we do! So, I turned my source of inspiration into a healing opportunity. The Rescue Mission.

Over the years, we learn to deal with conflict and pain differently.

Some of us armour up. Some of us give up. Some of us pretend everything’s OK.

If you've been through the Money Mastery Matrix you can now see your childhood in a new light. You can now observe the actions of your parents from a different perspective.

Now that you see differently and know better, it's time to go back and rescue your little you.

  • Embrace her. Love her. Let her know you have her back. That you’ll be with her every step of the way.

  • Protect her from the hurtful and destructive words, actions and/or environment she’s surrounded by.

  • Explain to her their origins.

  • Reframe for her, what her parents wish they could say and do for her, if they had the tools and capacity to do so.

  • Remind her, her parents love her dearly.

  • They so want to show her the same love they wish they could have been shown. But they were simply loving her the way they were taught to love. They didn’t know differently.

  • Sit with her, and together, find it in your hearts to forgive them.Reach out and extend to them the love you both wish you were shown.

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