#MoneyHack No. 14 | Shape Up

#MoneyHack No.14: It’s time to Shape Up! A healthy mind, body, spirit; equals a healthy bank account.

I woke up this morning looking like I had aged a decade over night. I kid you, not!

I’ve over-committed myself this month! Again! Time, money, and expectations.

And now, as it always does, it’s showing up in my health.

I’m tired.

I’ve got a cold I can’t shake.

I have low energy... the list goes on.

Over-committing to others has resulted in losing the commitment to myself. This is one of the ways I sabotage myself. The friggin’ Money Martyr.

Good thing I coach this stuff!

What Money Type shows up for you, when it comes to your health?

  • The Tyrant is hard on themselves. Pushes themselves, and others, to the limit. Very rigid. No flexibility.

  • The Innocent pretends everything is OK.

  • The Victim finds excuses, often the fault of others.

So, take note!!!

Seriously, apply the following questions to your health, relationships and/or money. Are you able to connect any dots?

  • Do you overindulge or restrict yourself?

  • Do you prioritize value and quality over convenience and cost?

  • Do you choose to keep yourself strong and mobile? Or complacent and resigned? Do you hold on, or let go?

  • Are you over-committed in some areas and under-committed in others?

  • Do you choose anger and resentment over consciousness and compassion?

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