#MoneyHack No. 11 | Respect & Reverence

#MoneyHack No.11: Given today is a day of respect and remembrance in Canada, I thought it fitting to apply the theme to our finances.

The respect you show to yourself, and others, will mirror the respect you show to towards your money.

Today, consider the ways in which you can show your money you appreciate it.

  1. Clean out your wallet

  2. Collect loose change from your car and couch cushions and add it to your #GenerosityJar

  3. Make a plan to collect on money owed to you

  4. Cancel any unused reoccurring monthly credit card expenses

  5. Carry cash

  6. Return empties and deposit money into your Savings

  7. Make a point to pick up money when you find it on the sidewalk, even the pennies

  8. Create a zero-based-balanced budget. Meaning every dollar you earn is shown reverence and given a specific task

There’s a few for you to process. Do you have any you’d like to share?

#MoneyHacks #MoneyManagement

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