#MoneyHack No.9 | Pay Yourself

Show yourself some love, and for the love of Pete, PAY YOURSELF!!!! You’re not are you?

Or maybe meager scraps when you see extra money in your bank account. Or, perhaps it’s after the team’s been paid, you take what’s left? Either way, this is no way to live. It’s not healthy for you, your family, or your business. So Warrior-up and change it. You’re the owner of the business, it’s up to you to own the numbers. Start by understanding what you need to be paid.

This means sitting down and doing a personal budget.

Account for the standard living expenses, child care and pet expenses, dept repayment, discretionary spending, AND monthly contributions to SAVING, INVESTING and SHARING. Take that number, and account for income tax, and there you have it. The number your business needs to pay you on a monthly basis. Now, let me ask you... are you willing and able to do this for yourself and your family? Or are a number of excusing flooding your prefrontal cortex right now??? If excuses are your go-to, here’s the most important question you need to ask yourself...

Why are you choosing not to take care of yourself? Where else is this showing up for you?

Your health?

Your diet?

Your sleep habits?

Your weight?

Your time?

Your relationships? I suspect this theme of devaluation, unhealthy boundaries, and martyrdom is rippling throughout many facets of your life. If this message resonates with you, and you want to change, but you’re not sure how, take the MoneyTypeQuiz and then call me. I too, was a Money Martyr, which is why I can see and hear you! I feel your frustration, but I know you have the power to change. You’ve got this!

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