#MoneyHack No.2 | The Generosity Jar

Here’s another #MoneyHack for you. Create a Family #Generosity Jar.

Let me explain. How many of you are consciously budgeting for charitable donations, tithing or door to door requests each month?

Sharing our money, in addition to the rush of endorphins and good vibes it showers us with, signals our brains to know and believe we have more than enough money to be able to share it with others.

Think about it. If you’re honest with yourself, the last time you chose not to donate, was it because you didn’t believe in the cause? Or, was it because you we’re worried about the funds you had available to donate? The Generosity Jar, accessible by all family members is where you’ll contribute, in cash, a portion of your monthly share budget.

This way, next time someone has the courage to climb your steps and ring your doorbell, instead of not answering the door [avoidance), declining to participate [lack and scarcity), or stating you have no cash [again, lack and scarcity, and other things we need to talk about!) you can model healthy financial habits for your entire family.

You’ll not only demonstrate the gift of generosity but the power of intentional budgeting for such moments.

Post pics of your #GenerosityJar when it's done! It would make my day!

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