How Far We've Come

What a difference a year makes! This same time last year, I was asked to present the #MoneyMasteryMatrix at #TaketheLeap in Dauphin, MB.

I know I made the five hour commute, but for the life of me I couldn't recall the drive. Invited back this year, it wasn't until I passed this exact point (the SK/MB border, Lake of the Prairies) that I was able to recall my 2017 journey.

A wave of emotion hit me as the pain, turmoil, heartbreak and uncertainty I was feeling at the time came flooding back.

I Was in the early months of my separation. Not just from my husband, but from my only child; a full-time separation from him, and a perceived part-time separation from my precious daughter, (I obviously still have work to do in this area as many emotions still surface just thinking about it.)

But here's the reason for my post. It wasn't until I hit that point in my journey yesterday, that I was able to look back and see just ow far I've come over the past 12 months. The work I've done on myself. My ability to see and take responsibility for my part in the relationship dissolving. The processing, reflecting, releasing, reframing, healing, journaling, forgiving and loving.

It may feel like a lifetime, perhaps because I've processed a lifetime of memories, patterns and programs, but I am so grateful for the journey.

If you're in the midst of emotional pain, I promise you the gift is found by walking through the pain, not around it.

And sometimes, just sometimes, looking back serves to remind us of just how far we have come!

With love!


PS: Can you spot the #roadbumps sign in the mirror! LOL. You think?!?! :)

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