Where's Your Warrior At?

I'm a Warrior. I get an idea and I put it into action. I’m methodical, calculating, and driven to succeed. I get IT done! The Warrior was the driving force behind my eight startups. BUT....!!!!!....

Unbeknownst to me, my Martyr was also at play. She was the one influencing my decisions to use my RRSP money to start the business. She was OK with not getting paid for three years; sacrificing my time and energy so that other startups could survive. All the while, I was experiencing a slow and stressful financial death myself. It was in 2014 when I woke up to my destructive habits. It was a turning-point year. The Warrior resurfaced and I dug in to learn all I could about behavioural finance - how our mind is wired- when it comes to money.

Interested in finding out what money types are driving your financial decisions, take the quiz and confront your money types.

Meet you in the Matrix.


#MoneyTypes #Warrior

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