Aha Moment #39: Cracks Reveal What’s at the Core

Are money issues masking deeper relationship problems? Or is it the other way around?

If you’re looking to master your relationship with money, start with exploring the small fissures appearing in your relationships with others.

Resolving conflict is never about changing the other person, it’s about healing ourselves. The cracks and conflicts showing up in our lives, are opportunities to see, understand and heal what’s at our core.

Cracks aren’t masking the problem, they are exposing the root of it. @TTaunya

As humans, one of our key advantages over other species, one which so few of us leverage, is the ability to grow, evolve and develop into the best and most powerful version of our personal self. If we pay attention, the cracks and/or tensions that show up in our lives, expose areas for fundamental learning and transformation. However, all too often, we tend to ignore the signs, dismiss the opportunity for growth, and instead choose to blame, judge and criticize others for the cracks that appear in our veneer.

PIVOT POINT>>>When you spot a crack, seize the opportunity! Start by taking ownership of the situation, the environment you helped to create, and for your choices in perception and reaction to it. Fixing a relationship/partnership does not start with mending the relationship itself. Rather, it starts by taking an honest and conscious look at where you, yourself, need to heal.

Become conscious of the words you use to describe others, perhaps those you are experiencing conflict with. What you say about them, reveals what needs to be healed within you. A kick-ass trainer said to me the other day, "We judge others by their actions, but we judge ourselves by our intent." True words!

We judge others by their actions, but we judge ourselves by our intent. @heather_mo

Next time you’re triggered by another’s words or actions, don’t react. Instead, buy yourself some time. Write down a list of what you’re feeling, and get to the root of it. If you’re feeling angry…why? If you’re feeling sad… why? If you’re feeling frustrated… why? If you’re feeling hurt… why?

The next step is as easy as showing yourself, giving yourself, what you desired from the other person.

Try this on: If you’re angry because you’re not feeling appreciated. Simply appreciate yourself.

If you’re feeling hurt because harsh and cruel words were said; speak kind and loving words to yourself.

You see… it’s never about the “other” person. It’s always about “us”, our reaction to the situation, and our choice to resolve what’s at our core.

This is the real work, the fun work, the important work that leads to your financial transformation; from the inside out.

If you’re looking for a sounding-board, I’m a phone call, 1.888.564.5559, or email away.

Be appreciative of the cracks,


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