“Net Profit is the bottom-line in business. 

It's what ensures our survival. Not top-line sales.

Taunya Woods Richardson

FORMAT | Keynote [Virtual or In Person], Half Day or Full Day Workshop


OVERVIEW | What return on investment were you making on your business? The vast majority of us (over 80% ) were generating <2-5% bottom-line (aka net-_ profit.  Add a fair-market owner’s salary to the mix, and it's likely our precious profit turned to a loss.


This is why fewer than four weeks in to Covid, millions of business owners found themselves exposed, compromised, and on the precipice of catastrophe. 

However, Covid's not to blame. It simply exposed the reality of our financial fragility. The effect of a flawed financial model, one whereby profit is the after thought, not the forethought.


In this time of percieved crisis and chaos, Taunya has a unique vantage point. Years of losses and financial fragility caught up with Taunya in 2009, when she was forced to declare her business bankrupt. Not because of poor sales. In fact, her top-line revenue was growing at a rate of over 115% year over year. In fact, the bigger the sales growth, the more her bottom-line deficit grew.  But 2008, exposed a flawed financial model. A model that was flawed from the beginning. But no one caught it. Not Taunya. Not the banks, investors, accountant or bookkeepers.


Taunya shares the warning signs she missed, and how we can reinvent our financial model, from the bottom up, so that we can deliberately plan for profit, from the bottom up. 

This is one presentation you literally can’t afford to miss.



  • How to chart your historical data to uncover the highways and hazards embedded in the numbers

  • How to determine and forecast real operating expenses including a fair owner’s salary, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and loan repayments

  • How to uncover the real Cost of Goods (COGS) behind each product and service you sell

  • How to set and defend a profitable price

  • How to plan for a 10% net profit

  • How to build a marketing mix that supports your new sales projections



  • Money Type Quiz and Report

  • Highways + Hazards

  • Annual Cashflow Forecast Template*

  • COGS Template*

  • Debt Repayment Calculator and Schedule*

  • Equipment Carrying Cost Template*

  • Weighted Pricing Model Template*

  • Marketing Mix Template*

  • Personal Budget Template*


*Included with Half-Day and Dull-Day workshops.  

Full-Day Workshops require participants to bring their financial statements, a calculator, their laptop pre-loaded with Excel (or similar software), and a willingness to roll up their sleeves and apply the knowledge being learned. 



  • Keynote: $5,000 CAD 

  • Workshop: $5,000 - $15,000 CAD


Rates are effective as of January 1, 2020 and are exclusive of travel and applicable taxes.  A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking and the balance will be due at the conclusion of the Keynote or Workshop.


Taunya  is a serial entrepreneur, financial strategist and neuroeconomics expert who is applauded for her innovative and refreshingly pragmatic approach to inspiring money mastery among entrepreneurs. On stage, she’s a riveting, genuine and unforgettable speaker – engaging audiences with wide range of science-backed financial insights that offer life-changing impact.


​With over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, Taunya is the creator of the Money Mastery Matrix, and founder of Epifany Financial Group, Nail the Numbers and Champs of Change. Through her businesses, past and present, Taunya’s led thousands of entrepreneurs to reinvent their financial reality through the mechanics, science and biology of money mastery.


​Her insights and expertise on the topics of entrepreneurship and finance have been featured in the National Post, Globe and Mail, Financial Post, Profit and Alberta Venture magazines, as well as on CBC Radio, CTV and Global Television.



“Taunya’s presentation is mind altering, challenging the way you think about money.  Her energy and enthusiasm are captivating and will have everyone looking for more!” Jaimie Malmgren, Executive Director, Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce

“An extremely valuable learning experience.” Loreen H.

“You were awesome. Connected on so many levels.” Sherri V.

“This was the best financial presentation I have ever attended. I loved your knowledge and presentation style.” Jeanette A.

“You’re awesome! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You’ve really got me thinking.” Tracie N.

“Excellent presentation. My head is spinning… in a good way!” Dana S.




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