FORMAT | Keynote, Presentation or Workshop


THE OVERVIEW | Join Taunya for an insightful and empowering discussion on money; one that has the power to transform your financial reality.


The first methodology of its kind to encompass a wholistic approach to financial well-being, The Money Mastery Matrix™ is a revolutionary reinvention process. It’s a journey of discovery, navigating money mastery’s three spheres of Management, Mindfulness and Motivation. Within each sphere, we’ll learn new ways of mastering the fundamentals; the skills, behaviours and desires necessary to create a prosperous, fulfilling and secure financial future.


MONEY MANAGEMENT | Begin the journey by putting a stake in the ground and claiming our current position.

Earn. Save. Share. Spend. Invest. Five simple words, and yet taking action in one, let alone all of these areas, can be a challenge. Simplifying a topic many in the industry have over-complicated, is the intention.


Starting with the basics, but all too often overlooked, Taunya shows us how to assemble and translate our financial data into a meaningful management too. She’ll help us to face our financial fears and uncover exactly where we’re at, where we plan to be, and how we plan to get there. We’ll also benefit from tools, templates and techniques that will keep us motivated towards taking consistent steps with managing our money.

MONEY MINDSET | Explore and uncover and the values and beliefs guiding our financial decisions. Believe it or not, how we feel about money is simply a matter of perspective and programming.

Through the combined sciences of epigenetics, behavioural finance and neuroeconomics, we’ll discover where our “financial programming” first took hold, and where it’s subconsciously being stored. Anxiety, fear, worry and stress can all be forms of our unconscious inheritance. By recognizing and rewiring the invisible forces controlling our actions, we gain the power to reprogram our connection with money.

MONEY MOTIVE | We all have dreams and desires. Some, perhaps many, have price tags attached. The third and final key to unlocking the door to money mastery lies in knowing and understanding the real motivation behind our desires.

What yearning will the fully-appointed, luxury vehicle satiate? What about the manicured million-dollar mansion? Maybe there’s a dream of something simpler, a family get away to the Hawaiian Islands, perhaps?


Ask why you want it, and the true motivation will be revealed. Is it money? Or perhaps, is there another, more powerful, denominator at the root of our desires?


INTENDED AUDIENCE | Applicable to all. Can be customized to meet the specific needs of an intended audience.


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TOOLS INCLUDED | The Money Type Quiz and Assessment [PDF], The Money Mastery Matrix™ Management Templates [Excel]*, The Money Memoir [Word]*, The Money Mirror [Word]*, The Money Tree [Word]*, The Money Matrix™ Vision Workbook and Board*, The Money Mastery Matrix Map and Log Book, a rocking playlist, and copious amounts of Bubble Gum, Colour Markers and Post-It Notes of all shapes, colours and sizes.

*Tools are included with three day Money Mastery Workshop.



The Money Mastery Matrix; Keynote {1 hour): $2,500 CAD

The Money Mastery Matrix: Three-Day Workshop: $15,000+ CAD


Rates are effective as of January 1, 2018 and are exclusive of travel and applicable taxes.  A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking and the balance will be due at the conclusion of the Keynote or Workshop.


CLIENTS | Community Futures Manitoba, Money Medicine Summit, Saskatoon Teachers' Association, Saskatchewan Business Teachers' Association, Saskatchewan Career and Education Association, Wellness SK Experience, TEC Edmonton

ABOUT THE PRO | Taunya Woods Richardson, CMC

One of a small and distinguished group of specialists emerging in the field of behavioural finance, Taunya is applauded for her innovative and refreshingly pragmatic approach to inspiring money mastery among Canadian entrepreneurs.

Combined with three decades of entrepreneurship experience, she possesses the unique ability to embolden and equip entrepreneurs with insight, understanding and actionable change strategies to mould their financial futures with purpose and intention. 

She is the architect of the Cashflow Canvas™ and Money Mastery Matrix™, creator of Nail the Numbers, Champs of Change, and founding partner of Epifany Financial Group; five initiatives dedicated to financial empowerment. Taunya’s insights on the topics of entrepreneurship and finance have been featured in the National Post, Globe and Mail, Financial Post, Profit and Venture Magazine, as well as CBC Radio, CTV and Global Television.

Through her extensive community involvement with organizations and initiatives such as Global Entrepreneurship Week, Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Challenge, Schulich’s Rise Case Competition, SHAD International, Futurpreneur, and First Nations University’s Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, Taunya remains committed to fostering a strong and robust Canadian entrepreneurial ecosystem.





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