​Money Management

Starting at the beginning, I work with you to assemble and interpret your financial data. Otherwise known as finding clarity

through the chaos.


Let me help you make sense of exactly where you’re at, where you plan to be, and how you plan to get there.


Planning for Profit

Business Coaching

Overview | Many business owners willingly accept modest net profits – the majority operating with a bottom line of less than two percent. Not you!  Let me show you how to build a healthy, viable business by working towards a 10 to 20 percent net profit margin. By the way, this includes paying you, the owner, a realistic monthly, take-home salary.

Through a shockingly simple, “bottom-up” process, this program creates a shift in your financial mindset and provides you with the skills to motivate you in achieving your new business goals.


Forecasting Your Cashflow

Business Coaching

Overview | A budget for your business, that's all a cashflow forecast is. But arguably, it's the most important management tool of all your financial statements, it's at the core of every sound financial decision you make. In seven simple steps, Through this program, I'll walk you through creating your own forecast. The end result is a financial blueprint for your business. We'll chart your incoming cash and outgoing expenses for a 12-month period, or as long as it takes to reach your break-even point, ensuring you have the resources available to fund your company’s growth.


The Cashflow Canvas [Train the Trainer]

Business Coaching

Overview | Trying to a build a cashflow forecast can be an daunting experience for any startup. Modeled after the immensely popular Business Canvas, I've created a fun and effective way for you to help your clients design a financially viable business mode,l while mapping out their revenue streams, cost-of-goods, pricing strategies, operating expenses and the ever elusive marketing costs.  


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