The Matrix has helped over 800 entrepreneurs reinvent their financial reality.


Whether your struggling, stable, or, yes, even secure there is a power, a beauty, a magnificence to money that's waiting for you in your Matrix.


There’s a science to financial success. One I have spent the past ten years researching and applying. It’s a formula based on the mechanics, the science and biology of money, and our relationship with it.

It’s a methodology I call the Money Mastery Matrix.

Because our business finances reflect our personal relationship with money, I offer several ways in which we can apply the Matrix methodology to your specific situation. We'll have you mastering your money, and experiencing the magnificence of it, both in your business and in life.  

The Money Mastery Matrix 


Digital/Group Coaching

21 Days

$1,495 CA

The Money Mastery Matrix is a revolutionary approach to mastering money. Going far beyond the simple mechanics of financial empowerment, you will come to recognize and reframe the root cause of personal debt, lack of savings or sparse nest eggs.

A unique and simple three-step, 21 day program that can completely reinvent your financial reality from the inside out.  

Step One | Money Management

Get crystal clear on HOW much money needs to be made from the bottom line up!

I call this number the Magic Number.


Step 2 | Money Mindset

Know WHERE your subconscious blocks are. 95% of our decisions are being made by our subconscious. And it’s resisting the Magic Number.

Step 3 | Money Motive

It’s imperative we align with WHY earning our Magic Number is important to us.

It’s emotions that reprogram the subconscious.

This is the mechanics, the science, and the biology of  the Money Mastery Matrix. 


Plan to Profit in the Matrix 




12 Weeks

$4,995 CA


Net Profit. Two of the most important words in business. In this 12-week intensive, online group coaching program, you’ll reverse engineer the business budgeting process. Starting at the bottom, with your Net Profit objectives, you will then work your way up through reviewing and profitably budgeting for operating expenses, cost of goods, pricing strategies and finally, revised revenue targets.

Plan to Profit in the Matrix is my signature one-on-one coaching program, now offered three times a year, through an online group environment. Groups are limited to 25 businesses per group so that individualized attention and support can be provided to each participant.

Plan to Profit participants receive complimentary access to the Money Mastery Matrix.

Next Program Launches Feb 2020.


Plan to Profit in the Matrix 


1:1 Consulting 


6 Months

$8,995 CA

The Plan to Profit 1:1 Coaching Program is ideal for business owners who have a complex business model (multiple businesses and/or holding companies) or have multiple revenue streams which require detailed analysis and multiple topline strategies. The 1:1 Program is designed for business owners or general managers who plan to engage and train key members of their team on the financial management of their business.