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THE OVERVIEW | If we’re lucky, we have 940 Saturdays from the day our child is born, before they leave for college. Invest them wisely.


$2.50 invested each Saturday would give your child access to $8,784* and the knowledge, education and confidence to empower them for a lifetime to come.


In honour of a new year, new beginnings and renewed resolutions, READ Saskatoon is offering organizations across Saskatchewan the opportunity to host FREE, unbiased RESP information sessions.


Many parents aren’t aware of the free money that’s available to them for their child’s future education; even without having to contribute a penny. Not to mention being unaware of or intimidated by, the registration process.


“The anxiety or dread we may feel towards our finances is often rooted in lack of action or knowledge. Come out, learn more and feel better. Let this session be a first step towards financial empowerment for your children. A mom myself, offering an unbiased perspective, I invite you to join me for a fun and informative hour where I’ll cover the basic needed to get started with RESPs.” Taunya Woods Richardson

*Household income of $45,000 or less, based on 2016 income (may change each year). Approximate amount at age 18, based on 4% annual interest. Actual amount will vary based on child's age, type of RESP, interest rates and current legislation.


  • What is an RESP and why is it important

  • Features and benefits of RESPs

  • What RESP money can be used for

  • RESP Eligibility

  • FREE Grants and Funds accessible for RESPs

  • How to set up an RESP


INTENDED AUDIENCE | Applicable to all Saskatchewan parents. Can be customized to meet the specific needs of an intended audience.



TOOLS INCLUDED |  Informative handouts, a rocking playlist, and copious amounts of bubble gum, colour markers and Post-It Notes of all shapes, colours and sizes.




One Hour Session



ABOUT THE PRO | Taunya Woods Richardson, CMC

One of a small and distinguished group of specialists emerging in the field of behavioural finance, Taunya is applauded for her innovative and refreshingly pragmatic approach to inspiring money mastery among Canadians.

Currently retained by READ Saskatoon for the purposes of facilitating RESP workshops throughout Saskatoon, she is also the architect of the Cashflow Canvas™ and Money Mastery Matrix™, creator of Nail the Numbers, Champs of Change, and founding partner of Epifany Financial Group; five initiatives dedicated to financial empowerment.  Taunya’s insights on the topics of entrepreneurship and finance have been featured in the National Post, Globe and Mail, Financial Post, Profit and Venture Magazine, as well as CBC Radio, CTV and Global Television.





For more information, or to book me for your upcoming speaking engagement, drop me an email or call me at 1.888.564.5559.

940 Saturdays to Save
940 Saturdays to Save


Your facilitator, Taunya Woods Richardson

940 Saturdays to Save
940 Saturdays to Save


Do you have a question for me? Drop me a line. Or if you prefer, call me at 1.888.564.5559.

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