Truth be told...

I’m not your typical  finance "personality". I didn’t get to where I am by vetting startups on national television, I didn’t create a pop-culture money-management app, and I’ve never written a best-selling book (but perhaps I should). But what I do have in common with the money gurus of the world is knowledge – the kind that comes with 30 years of training, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs to build better, stronger, healthier, and profitable companies. I know what it takes to turn a profit in business and how to build the inner-strength and confidence needed to see you through any situation a business throws at you.


Of course, some lessons are learned the hard way. For me, learning how to have a healthy relationship with money didn't come easily. I struggled, for years, with constant fear and anxiety. I was habitually worried I wouldn’t have enough, or I would make bad decisions when it came to spending or investing my money. Ironically, I racked-up immense debt.

I eventually paid down my debt and curbed my shopaholic nature. But then, years later, I once again borrowed money (and  cashed in on the equity of my home ) to keep my failing business afloat – every penny of which was lost. Of course, I didn’t realize the business was failing at the time. The revenue model was flawed from the beginning. I just didn’t know, nor was I  taught, how to interpret and relate to my numbers.

Going bust in business is a valuable learning experience. Hopefully, one you'll never have to go through.  However, it was only several years later, when I found myself staring at my diminishing bank account balance, I could see my negative money patterns repeating (yet again); the fear and anxiety around financial scarcity, always paying myself last, devaluing my services and questioning my credibility. I realized then, until I dealt with my deeper issues, my financial situation would consistently recycle my restrictive and limiting money patterns. I would continue living and dealing with the cumulative consequences of my destructive habits.  

And so, I made it my mission to heal my relationship with money. For years, I invested heavily in learning, understanding and applying the concepts of behavioural finance and neuro-economics. I yearned to understand how my brain way hardwired on the topic and where my programming came from. For me, at that time, I knew it wasn’t a lack of technical skill (I learned that lesson), but rather, of making poor decisions, some of which I didn’t even see as financially related, and most of which, I didn’t recognize as destructive.  

Armed with this knowledge, my journey of financial healing began. Coupled with the support of some incredible coaches and mentors, (thank you, Melissa, Deborah, Evangelos, and Shags)  I came to recognize my limiting beliefs and behaviours, reflect on where they came from, and worked through releasing and reframing them all.

​It was a profound experience, one that quite literally changed my life overnight. Best of all, it continues to be a journey where I embrace the opportunity to learn and grow with every passing day.

Here's one thing I know to be true...  I am NOT alone. 

I SEE you. I FEEL you.

You sacrifice your family, security, even your health for the business.

You stop at nothing to make money...

...because it’s what you believe others love or value most about you.

You doubt your worth and value in the world.

Do YOU see it? Do you WANT to see it?

Do you want to CHANGE?

Everyone’s motivation is different.  Mine came in the form of my six-year-old daughter, Sophie. My Ah-Ha! moment was when I realized I was passing down my destructive habits to her, the same damaging programming I had picked up from my childhood. If I didn’t change, she was destined to live out the same financial journey I had. I refused to let that happen!

What’s your motivation? What are you willing to change and why? What are the consequences of not changing?   

Not sure how to answer these questions?

Not sure where to start? Let’s talk.

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will be invaluable.