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A serial entrepreneur, financial strategist and neuroeconomics expert, helping entrepreneurs to master the magnificence of money.


In 2009, after eight years and giving it everything I had, I was forced to declare my business, Powerhouse International, bankrupt. 

Bankruptcy was my rock bottom. It wiped me out. Financially. Emotionally. Physically.


However, it was the incentive I needed to invest the next ten years researching and applying the mechanics, the science, and the biology of money mastery to my life, and my business. 

Every year 71% of us close our doors and abandon our dreams because of financial challenges. 

If you're feeling stressed, afraid or overwhelmed,  please know you're not alone. 

Listen, regardless of whether you're not paying yourself, you're carrying debt, or the money's just not there... I promise you, financial challenges, of all sizes, can be overcome. Because get this... money's not the real problem! 

I came to experience the magnificence of money, not despite the bankruptcy, but because of it! 

If you're financially struggling, surviving, or yes, even secure, I promise you there is a beauty, a power, and a magnificence to money waiting for you! 



Here's the simple truth...

There's a simple three-step formula to money mastery. One I call the Money Mastery Matrix.

Step One | Money Management

Get crystal clear on HOW much money needs to be made from the bottom line up!

I call this number the Magic Number.


Step 2 | Money Mindset

Know WHERE your subconscious blocks are. 95% of our decisions are being made by our subconscious.

And it’s resisting the Magic Number.

Step 3 | Money Motive

It’s imperative we align with WHY earning our Magic Number is important to us.

It’s emotions that reprogram the subconscious.

There you have it.

The mechanics, the science, and the biology of mastering money.

This is the Money Mastery Matrix. Three simple steps I have turned into a three-week, 21-day program,

to completely reinvent your financial reality. 


Not sure where to start?

Of the 36,000 decisions we make every day, 95% are being made by our subconscious.

We're on auto-pilot and we don't even know it. 

There are only two reasons why we're not earning our Magic Number:

One, we don't know what it is. (Perhaps... hiding from it?)

And two, our subconscious is resisting it. It's choosing familiarity over change. 

If you're curious to see how and where your subconscious is sabotaging your success,

invest the next five minutes and take the



Keep in mind, your Money Types are not indicative of who you are when it comes to money, 

just where you're at. You can change. And will change, quickly, when you start to see who's showing up​.

The Innocent, Victim, Warrior, Martyr, Fool, Creator, Tyrant, and Magician. Which one speaks to you?



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